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The St. Louis Comic Cookout 2005

The cookout started 06/04/2005 at noon. Some of us got there after 5pm the previous day. So we played poker for pencils, paperclips and my magnets. That's Beth, Ryan, me, Dustin, Jim and Cat.

Artists' drawings
The group pic was contributed to by everyone present:
John Fortman of Fallen Angels Used Books (of course)
Orion Gates and Ride of Beyond Reality
Roland "Jim" Lowery and Cat of Role of the Die
Vorticus of Nob the Blob
Stephen Henderson-Grady of Pirate Queen Marianne
Nike Young of Game Show Resurrection
Dustin Hoffman of If-Then-Else
Ryan and Beth Kolter of Reasoned Cognition

Individual Sketches by Artist:

Dark Magician
Nike Young, aka Dark Magician

Fading Aura
Dustin Hoffman, aka Fading Aura (this was actually done for another get together, but Dustin didn't draw anything for this one so I thought I'd use it.)

Jim North
Roland "Jim" Lowrey, aka Jim North

Orion Gates
Orion Gates, aka whipping boy
Vorticus showed up saturday morning wearing this awesome hat.

Ryan Kolter
Ryan Kolter, aka Evil Incarnate

Stephen Henderson-Grady
Stephen Henderson-Grady

Vorticus of the cool hat